Lulu and sky outfit .

Lulu & Sky is the online fashion shopping site, I find this a budget-friendly site. This site gives flat 75% to up to 90% off on their products, you find the products for a good price, Most of the product is within 1000. I bought a ripped jeans, Top and a skirt.

Skirt is featured in previous post “one with the ruffle”. jeans was an ankle length, Good fit, light shade as shown in the website picture, Top is purple it was in the size FS (Freestyle ). The product which I have purchased is out of stock, I will attach the link below, it might get restocked you can add it to your wishlist’s if you like, buy it when it is available. I like to explore their sling bag section, cardigans and pullover, tops, jeans, once in a while skirts, an accessory like sunglasses they have a pretty good collection.

Ripped jeans and solid top pairing has been fun, One outfit can be worn in different occasions, If you are going out for shopping, outing pair of sneakers this will make you walk comfortably, In case its for lunch, brunch pairing it with heels brings out chic fashion in you.

Outfit link :
Jeans :lulu & sky
Top:Lulu & sky
Heels :Mast & Harbour

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