Colourful Stripes Meet Polka .

Ever wonder having that one picture of an outfit in your mind , thinking of that one perfect piece or pattern you want to buy ,but don’t know where to find it ? so, it happened to me and I was looking for the perfect double pattern skirt .I explored so many sites and found a lot of double pattern skirt .The one which caught my attention is this one from .The best part about this skirt is that you can wear it three different way .you can go for totally polka or completely stripes ,but my way is half and half style , I was happy and ready to take over the dance floor and twirl ,when polka meet stripes and stripes meet polka . As it has multicoloured stripes ,you can match any colour of basic t-shirt you have to match with the skirt .

This was the first purchase from the site ,very smooth experience ,no complaints for my first purchase ,Good collection if you are good at exploring and know exactly what you looking for .

Outfit Details :
skirt : Trendol || Out of stock
Top: Fame forever
Heels : Dressbery ||Out of stock
Few favourite skirts from Ajio .

Hope you enjoyed reading .

                                                                     XOXO !

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