Street Style Store Review.

Street style store  has a wide range of collection when it comes to footwear section and they keep adding new collection often .I purchased from the offer section “3 for 999” and I am really happy about their product I received .

Let me share my experience with the Street style Store in 2015 and one in 2019 .My first purchase was done in 2015 under same category “3 for 999” , I waited long for the product to arrive ,I got it after 40 days I guess I don’t remember exactly  but it did take one month for sure.Plus I wasn’t happy with the product too.Well,that was in the past .

2019 purchase I am totally happy with what I ordered ,The product was good ,for a product under “3 for 999” purchase these were really good .Delivery has improved I got it within 20 days . It would be great if delivery period is within 5-10 days but still as long as product is good its fine by me .I have been following their instagram account where they post new collection ,also now they have their own store ,plus you can find their product in myntra too.


I received the product which were exactly like in the website picture  .But I can’t say it will be same with all products, sometimes it may vary a little .Link will be attached below.

white flats  
gingham flats  
yellow is out of stock  so link to similar one in black
Black flats.

street style store

While selecting the product I did give lot of thought which product to buy .I did go for flats with cloth material because I had a feeling it will be same like in the picture . keep in mind about the material of the flats how it looks and base of the flats  .Overall my experience was good .I will be placing order again . Are you guys buying too ? let me know in the comment section .

Hope you enjoy reading ! XOXO 🙂

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